Saint-Sauvage is a Contemporary artist and fashion designer.


He produces pop iconic, flashy colorful paintings with several layers collage, inspired by advertisements, cinema and comics among others.


In 2016 he diversifies his work and multiply his public presence by creating fashion items, such as shirts. He creates the brand

Saint-Sauvage uses acrylic or oil paints applied the more often with a palette-knife, sometimes with a brush or with its fingers. The vintage magazine pictures spread throughout his artworks to give a hybrid art form, where the painting and collage emphases each other.


Saint-Sauvage's portrayals lead the viewers to reconsider their vision of the idividuals. By highlighting at the same time, exterior/physical and interior/psychological aspects of both the subject and the viewer, he offers us a experience within the mind. Matthieu’s work asks us to open our eyes and face the underlying connections we make while watching someone.

SAINT-SAUVAGE : Art and fashion creation

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