ArT : Painting and Collage

ArT 'N' FasHioN. Painting the soul to enhance the world.

Saint-Sauvage has an original approach to modern art by combining and merging the languages of Pop Art, Post Expressionnism and Abstract Art with the codes of fashion, cinema, photography and comics. The artworks are multilayered complementary compositions, which reveals enfolded complex worlds of thoughts embedded in reality. Poetical and semi-abstract, this order is out of time and space.


Forms and colours have been given a new definition using a mixed technique of collage and acrylic. Made out of several layers of newspapers texts and pictures, randomly teared appart, the artworks are constantly questionning our visual perception. The main character on the foreground, partially see-through, is no longer the main topic of the canvas: the desassembly and the reassembly of the entire vision and its context becomes the new main objectiv. While integrating his own poems to the artworks, he gives a very intimate and sensual vision of what modern art can be: a puzzle of concious and inconcious thoughts appealling to memories, to advertisment, to erotic fantasies and to dream alike images.


FasHioN : Limited edition clothing and design items

Willing to explore various medias, techniques, materials and ideas in a transformational and visual human world, Saint-Sauvage will launch in 2016 his artworks on shirts and tank tops. Believing that art and culture is meant too be shared accross the world and must take a greater place is the streets and everybody's life, he is creating a fashion line called


Willing to gather other artists from around the world to this purpose, he intends to promote their art through the young label, designing limited edition clothing, smartphone cases and bags.



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