The ArT Gallery

Saint-Sauvage is a contemporary artist inspired by the languages of Pop Art, Post Expressionnism and Abstract Art  and the codes of fashion, cinema, photography and comics. 

Each Artwork is unique. 


They are made off several layers of collage on a canvas and acrylic painting or oil painting applied with a palette-knife, a brush or the fingers.


Its painting creation process is an evolving construction one where randomness and sensitivity play a major role. Matthieu's art is about showing, hiding, revealing, pretending, covering and suggesting like a seduction game for the eyes.


SAint-Sauvage's portrayals lead the viewers to reconsider their vision of the idividuals. By merging form and colours of newspapers texts and images he builds multilayered complementary compositions, which reveals complex and secret worlds of thoughts embedded in reality.


Like half-visible breadcrumb trails within these labyrinth of thoughts, Matthieu encloses regurlarly his own poems within the artwork. Adding a another layer of lecture. 

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